• Dr Terry Rudolph
  • Dr David Jennings   

Individual organic dye molecules will be deposited close to optical waveguides on a photonic chip. At a cryogenic temperature, these molecules can provide a localised, giant optical nonlinearity and can also act as single photon sources. This new atom-photon interface will be used as a resource for processing quantum information. As two essential building blocks for constructing quantum logic circuits, a differential phase gate with one molecule as nonlinear medium, and a HOM (Hong-Ou-Mandel) interferometer with two molecules as two photon sources will be demonstrated.Research Project: Entanglement and violation of the thermodynamic arrow of time. 

I am part of the Quantum Information group, based in the Institute for Mathematical Sciences. My project  looks at the correlations between a two-part quantum system that is isolated, and how changes in these correlations reverse the thermodynamic arrow of time by seeing heat flowing from the cold quantum system to the hot one.