Project title: Resources for Quantum Computing

Supervisors: David Jennings and Myungshik Kim

Project description:
Quantum computers promise to outperform their classical counterparts for certain computational tasks. In order to ensure that such tasks are practically useful, we require that a quantum computer is scalable so that it can process a sufficient amount of information. Scalability is a hard goal to achieve because quantum systems are very fragile and computational errors can occur frequently. This means that the future of quantum computation lies within fault tolerant schemes which allow for reliable correction of errors at an efficient rate.

My current research focuses on identifying the resources that give rise to quantum computational advantages within fault-tolerant schemes. I adopt ideas from quantum thermodynamics to describe the structure between these resources, while also trying to frame emerging concepts in more abstract contexts of quantum resources. With deeper understanding of the underlying reasons for such advantages, we can also understand how to build useful algorithms to exploit them. Looking forward, I will rely on this deeper understanding and turn my attention to more practical questions relating to error correction and algorithm implementation.