Prof  Fay Dowker (Imperial College London)

Contextuality, Nonlocality and Relativistic Causality in Quantum Measure Theory

“The mathematics of the canonical (Hamiltonian) quantum mechanics taught in undergraduate courses in physics is of enormous use in predicting the results of experiments, but the degree and nature of its interpretational content have long been the subject of debate.  Quantum Measure Theory (QMT) is one approach to reinstating the missing ontology that draws its inspiration and technical framework from the ‘sum over histories’ reformulation of quantum mechanics due to Feynman.  As such, QMT has as its central concept that of spacetime history, the notion of ‘quantum state in a Hilbert space’ being relinquished.

Since QMT purports to furnish quantum mechanics with some degree of realism, it is of interest to understand what it has to say in answer to the more traditional objections to realistic quantum theory such as Bell’s theorem and the Bell-Kochen-Specker antinomy.  These investigations form the goal of my research project.”