Prof Ed Hinds, Dr Jaesuk Hwang

Single Molecules as Single Photon Sources

Developing a large scale quantum computer is the long term goal of many avenues of research in the area of controlled quantum dynamics.  Major theoretical advancements show that computations can be performed using single photon as the carriers of quantum information. These qubits, can then be allowed to interact or interfere to enable the realisation of quantum computations. One major hurdle is the availability of large numbers of single photons on demand to enable these calculations.

Molecules contained within small microcavities show huge potential to be developed into just such sources. My research is focusing on the development of optical fibre microcavities which contain dibenzoterrylene molecules. Single dibenzoterrylene molecules are placed within a microcavity which enhances their spontaneous emission and is already couple to an optical fibre. This project will hope to yield a system to produce a scalable number of single 780nm photons.