• Prof Ian Walmsley
  • Prof Myungshik Kim

Manipulation of photonic quantum states for quantum technologies

Light can perform certain tasks better in the non-classical regime. This can be explored by moving away from the world of light bulbs and laser beams and employing refined operations for quantum state preparation.

Proof-of-principle experiments have already demonstrated quantum enhanced technologies, like remote sensing, quantum metrology, quantum key distribution, dense coding and others.

As part of the Ultrafast group, at Clarendon Laboratories, in Oxford, my aim is to theoretically explore the utility of exotic quantum states of light and to design and experimentally implement operations that prepare these states or the closest states feasible. The preparation uses squeezed light from sources previously developed in the group and employs non-linear detectors. States will be characterized using quantum state tomography or by demonstrating prototypical applications.

The general aim of the group is to design tools like quantum memories, non-classical light sources and complex measurements. These tools will allow the real world implementation of exciting quantum technologies.


Entanglement distillation with continuous variables (PDF), at the Summer School on Quantum Information, Computing and Control (QuICC), Aberystwyth, Wales, 28 August–1 September 2012.