Supervisors: David Jennings and Terry Rudolph

Thermodynamics at the quantum scale

I am working in a new branch of quantum information theory whose aim is to understand the fundamental limits of thermodynamic processes happening at the quantum scale. Thermodynamics can be reformulated in a similar way to entanglement theory, in a framework that goes above and beyond standard formulations of the second law and sheds light on the deep connections between thermodynamics and information.

Investigating these extreme regimes is conceptually intriguing, because we expect new quantum effects to take place, and practically important, because a new generation of nanoscale engines will be soon within the reach of these boundaries where classical intuition fails.

During my PhD project I will try to understand better how several aspects of quantum theory, like coherence, entanglement, non-commutativity and uncertainty-disturbance relations, feature in the thermodynamics of arbitrarily small, out-of-equilibrium quantum systems.  What are the fundamental limits that Nature poses to thermodynamic processes? Is there fundamental irreversibility in the quantum world? Many questions still need to be answered in this new exciting field.


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Teaching Assistant at Imperial College London at Imperial College for

Quantum Mechanics & Statistics of Measurement (Year 2 Physics, a.y. 2013-2014).

Postgraduate Demonstrator at Imperial College for

Introduction to Quantum Information (Year 3 Physics & MRes in Controlled Quantum Dynamics, a.y. 2013-2014)

Foundations of Quantum Mechanics (Year 3 Physics, a.y. 2014-2015)

Imperial College London Faculty of Natural Sciences Prize for Excellence in the Support of Teaching and Learning awarded in 2015.


Quantum coherence in thermodynamics requires constraints beyond free energy, Winter School on Physics of Small Quantum Systems: Thermal and Topological Phenomena (University of Aalto and Jyväskylä, 12-16th January 2015). Best poster prize.

Generalized Landauer ErasureQuICC Summer School (Imperial College London, 26-29th August 2013)

Analogue models of gravity: scale anomaly as the origin of timeRelativistic Quantum Information-North workshop (University of Nottingham, 24-27th June 2013)


Show "Amazing Quantum Worlds" at Imperial College London in January 2013, May 2013, May 2014.

Science Busking at Imperial Festival, Imperial College London, May 2013.