Winfried Hensinger

Florian Mintert 

Fault tolerant trapped ion quantum gates with microwave radiation

Trapped ions are a highly promising system for the development of quantum computing technology. Two qubit gates with delities of up to 99.9% have been demonstrated [1] and, separately, entanglement of up to 14 qubits has been shown [2]. While these advances put trapped ions at the forefront of e orts to build a quantum computer, there is still much work to be done. Practical error correction algorithms require much larger numbers of ions to be accurately manipulated, but currently such e orts are held back by the lack of scalability of current ion trap architectures [3].

I argue that a system that used microwaves rather than lasers for coherent control would be much more scalable than a traditional laser-based approach. My research is focussed on developing such microwave ion trap technology. Furthermore, our group is working towards a modular, microfabricated chip-based ion trap architecture which we believe will be inherently scalable.