Jon Marangos

John Tisch

Quantum Engineering the ultrafast optical response of molecules

The field of attosecond science aims to study and control matter on extremely short timescales (1 as = 10-18 s). In our group we are developing attosecond sources in novel spectral regions such as the vacuum ultraviolet (6-125 eV) and the water window (280-530 eV). We are also focusing on applying these sources to studying attosecond dynamics large gas phase molecules and condensed phase systems.

I am working on impulsive raman generation of rotational and vibrational wavepackets in molecules. These wavepackets are a useful tool in the production of sources and targets for attosecond science. The coherent evolution of a rotational wavepacket gives rise to periodic revivals leading to spatial alignment of the molecule under field free conditions. This gives unique access to the geometrical properties of the molecule in strong field experiments. Vibrational wavepackets can act as an efficient, broadband molecular modulator which is a promising route towards the generation of isolated high power, sub femtosecond pulses in the ultraviolet region.