Supervisors: Jon Marangos and John Tisch

X-ray non-linear spectroscopy and application to attosecond quantum dynamics

Investigating the role of charge (electron) migration and transport in molecules and solid-state systems is essential for understanding chemical reactions and the interaction of light with matter (e.g. in a solar cell or radiation damage). The early dynamics are determined on an ultrafast timescale by the coherence time and lifetime of an electronic wavepacket, which is typically few- or sub-femtosecond. This is a central focus of ultrafast science, the field of my research.

To measure quantum effects on their natural timescale, similar length pulses of light can be used in a pump-probe scheme. Two main ultrafast light sources exist, high harmonic generation (HHG) pumped by a traditional laser source and free electron lasers (FELs) which utilize radiation generated by accelerated electrons. I intend to use both of these tools to investigate, and even control, electron motion in molecular systems.