The following are the research projects currently being undertaken by  the first cohort of Controlled Quantum Dynamics students. There are instances where some of the students are undertaking research in other reputable insitutions in Collaboration with Imperial College London.

Project Title  Theoretical or Experimental
Optical Nonlinearity and Photon Scattering of individual molecules coupled to a waveguide  Experimental
Measurement Based Quantum Computing with Topological Phase Transitions  Theory
Quantum Information Processing with entanglement in many body systems  Theory
Physics of Ion Crystals in Traps  Experimental
Entanglement and violation of the thermodynamic arrow of time  Theory
An elecrtrically polarized quantum degenerate gas  Experimental
Ontological (hidden variable) models and quantum information processing  Theory
Laser Cooling of Molecules  Experimental
Phase Transitions in Ion Traps  Theory
Quantum foundations of measurement-based computation  Theory
Dynamics, Entanglement and Quantum Phase Transitions with Strings of Ions  Theory
Laser Frequency Stabilisation for Ion Trap research  Experimental
Laser Cooling of Molecules  Experimental