Cohort 4

Project TitleSupervisors
Next generation ion chips for scalable ion quantum technology Winfried Hensinger & Richard Thompson
Cavity-enhanced solid-state single photon sources for quantum information processing on waveguide chip Prof Ed Hinds & Dr Jaesuk Hwang
Measuring the electron electric dipole moment in a molecular fountain Jony Hudson (with B Sauer, E Hinds and M Tarbutt)
Non-Gaussian environmental states in strongly-coupled o pen quantum systems Ahsan Nazir, Alex Chin & Terry Rudolph
Quantum computing: Multi-path, multi-photon quantum interferometers Prof Jeremy O'Brien, Prof Terry Rudolph
The Quantum Steering Ellipsoid Terry Rudolph & David Jennings
The resource theory of asymmetry Terry Rudolph & David Jennings
Thermodynamics at the quantum-scale Terry Rudolph & David Jennings
Quantum Memories Terry Rudolph & Jiannis Pachos