Project TitleSupervisors 

Alternative axiomatizations of quantum theory and application for information processing

Terry Rudolph and Lluis Masanes

Generalized process theories

Bob Coecke and Terry Rudolph

Quantum computing for electronic structure: examples of the Bravyi-Kitaev mapping with optimized Trotter decompositions

Peter Coveney and Florian Mintert

Quantum Control of open systems

Daniel Burgarth and Florian Mintert

Atom Interferometry for navigation and sensing

Ed Hinds

Defect formation in quantum phase transitions

Arttu Rajantie

Experimental Trapped-Ion Quantum Computing with Lasers and Microwaves

David Lucas

Efficient Production and Verification of Exotic Quantum States  Richard Thompson
Developing new relativistic quantum technologies

Ivette Fuentes and Myungshik Kim

NV Diamond Quantum Interface

Josh Nunn, Ian Walmsley and Myungshik Kim