Ongoing Projects - Cohort 7 

Project TitleSupervisorsSupervisor's Institution

Symmetry principles and quantum resource theories

David Jennings

Imperial College

Physical realisations of quantum thermodynamic phenomena

Jennings & Anders

Imperial College &  Exeter University

Quantum engineering the ultrafast optical response of molecules

Marangos & Tisch

Imperial College

Bose-Einstein Condensation of Just a Few Photons

Mintert, Nyman & Smith

Imperial College & Oxford University

The Geometry of Contextuality


Imperial College 

Irreversibility and symmetry in quantum mechanics

Rudolph & Jennings

Imperial College 

An ultracold fountain of YbF molecules for measuring the electron electric dipole moment

Sauer & Tarbutt

Imperial College

The Electron Electric Dipole Moment

Ed Hinds, Ben Sauer, Mike Tarbutt

Imperial College