We expect to have three NPL projects, a DSTL project and a Toshiba Cambridge project available to start in October 2017. They will all be fully funded for EU and UK candidates. Admissions enquiries should be directed to the CQD-CDT Administrator, Miss Veena Dhulipala.


Please find more information on NPL projects here.


The DSTL Project is available with Professor Stefan Maier is detailed below. The main goal of this PhD project is the development of a methodology for the generation and manipulation of single photons on the nanoscale, utilizing concepts from nanophotonics that can circumvent the diffraction limit of light.

DSTL Project

Toshiba Cambridge:

This project will conduct research on a GaAs-based semiconductor devices for generating entangled photons. The objective will be to develop sources that are useful for quantum information applications, ie. displaying high entanglement fidelity, photon indistinguishability and emission efficiency.

If you are interested in any of these projects, please indicate which opportunity you would be like to be considered for on your application form.