This workshop will focus on developing solutions that can help detect, diagnose, forecast and map plant pathologies in the field. Primarily the workshop will focus on potential diagnostic kit and remote sensing applications that can be deployed in the African agriculture industry. 

To do this we are bringing together an international group of attendees from a broad spectrum of research areas ranging from Agricultural Sciences, Molecular and Systems Biology, Computing, Chemistry, Physics and Engineering. With the specialist expertise available at this workshop, we will look to identify ways in which technologies such as multidimensional spectrometry, diagnostic chemistries and next generation sequencing can be used to help characterise cryptic plant pathologies in the field.

The primary goal of the workshop will be to develop grant proposals that we can submit to a relevant funding body such as the recently launched Global Challenges Research Fund. The application focus of the workshop will have a very broad remit and the only constraints will be to ensure that identified challenges can sensibly and practically addressed in the time frame of project grants and lead to economic benefits and enhanced food security for African nations. We envisage this will help realise the development of detection and diagnostic solutions that help quantify plant stresses limiting yield and /or phenotyping of traits in crop breeding programs.

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