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The Cancer Research UK Convergence Science Centre was established as a strategic partnership between the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) and Imperial College London. The mission of the CRUK Convergence Science Centre is to bring together engineering, physical sciences, life sciences and medicine to develop innovative ways to address challenges in cancer research to benefit cancer patients. This is achieved through multidisciplinary collaborations that integrate otherwise distinct approaches to co-create new tools, technologies and methodologies. It is underpinned by a £13 million Major Centre award from CRUK, which provides the funding to create step changes in cancer research to address unmet medical needs in all cancers, particularly those that are hard to treat.

The CRUK Convergence Science Centre, directed by Professor Axel Behrens, provides a unique opportunity to bring together two of the UK’s leading academic research organisations to create a closely integrated and sustainable partnership. ICR’s vision (to ‘make the discoveries that defeat cancer’) and Imperial’s (‘to achieve enduring excellence in research and education in science, engineering, medicine and business for the benefit of society’) are highly complementary – a key factor that underpins our powerful and synergistic strategic alliance. With a remit to work across the entirety of both the ICR and Imperial, the Centre will foster new opportunities for collaboration between researchers at the two institutions and to support the clinical translation of novel cancer technologies and therapeutics. Over the first grant period, the aim is to build the collaborative network, leverage additional funding and establish key translational infrastructure to accelerate clinical implementation of new approaches.

The Centre is managed by the Executive Management Committee and has subcommittees responsible for research, and non-clinical and clinical training. It also has an independently chaired Governance Board with representation from CRUK.