DSI floorplan art

The Data Science Institute is housed in purpose built facilities in the heart of the Imperial College campus in South Kensington. Such a central location provides excellent access to collaborators across the College and across London. 

Kensington Hub

Our dedicated space within the William Penney Laboratory based in the centre of the South Kensington Campus has facilities for over 50 researchers and collaborators. 

Download here a pdf of the South Kensington campus and read how to get here.

Our facilities

Data Observatory

The Data Observatory is a data visualisation studio and decision-making space, housed in the Data Science Institute. The Data Observatory will facilitate decision-making through immersive, multi-dimensional presentation of data and analysis that allows decision makers to participate in exploring data, weighing the findings of triangulating analytical exercises, translating analytical findings into insights, and deriving the implications and actions suggested by insights from the analytics.


Visual Corridor

Our central location on the main thoroughfare of the South Kensington Campus means that we are able to incorporate visualisation technology in the form of a display wall onto the facade of the Kensington Hub, to enable communciation with students, academic staff, and visitors. To compliment this, there is also a touch sensitive display accessible to passers-by for an interactive experience (find out more here) . 

Find out more about the Visual Corridor on the Visual Corridor webpage.

Visualization Touchscreen

Located at the entrance of the visualization corridor, the Visualization Touchscreen features different applications, created by DSI current and former employees, for visitors, students and staff to test while walking down the corridor. From quick math calculation quizzes to tracing networks on a map, the visualization touchscreen is a great way for people to both test their applications as well as a creative and intellectual way to involve people on campus with the Data Science Institute. 

The DSI encourages staff and students from around the College to make use of the Visualization Touchscreen, as well as create content for display and use upon it.

Find out more about the Visualization Touchscreen on the (Visualization Touchscreen website).