The Sherfield walkway is a main artery through campus and footfall is an average of 1000 people an hour in term time; at peak times this reaches 1,800 an hour [source: College Masterplanning team, 2014].



Located at the entrance of the visualization corridor, the Visualization Touchscreen features different applications, created by DSI current and former employees, for visitors, students and staff to test while walking down the corridor. From quick math calculation quizzes to tracing networks on a map, the visualization touchscreen is a great way for people to both test their applications as well as a creative and intellecutal way to involve people on campus with the DSI. 




We have had several apps created for display on the touchscreen, to name just a few:

-Crawlr:  Visualizes web server locations as you browse between links of a webpage. (pictured left)

-Crunchr:  An interactive mental math game with the history computing to explore.

-Neuron:  3d brain visualization which mimics a neural network.

-Surveyr:  A touchscreen surveying app with admin page.


The DSI encourages staff and students from around the College to make use of the Visualization Touchscreen in a creative and intellecutal way to involve people on campus.