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What is 0-X?

0-X is a cutting-edge design contest organised by Imperial College's Data Science Institute in collaboration with the Dyson School of Engineering, Imperial-I-X and the Business School, aiming to 'zero-out' the 'negative externalities' of the modern digital and data world by finding creative solutions to the most pressing, unanticipated problems in tech.

It is a contest to inspire technology for good. Apply your scientific knowledge, technical know-how, and creativity to propose a technology (including business model if relevant) that zeroes out a pernicious and unanticipated negative side-effect (externalities) of the modern economy for all things digital, data, and AI. To put it bluntly, show your stuff by fixing something that positively makes you seethe!

Who can apply?

Imperial students either as individuals or as leaders of teams assembled from students either at Imperial or one of our neighbouring institutions (RCA, RCM). 

What are the prizes?

There will be prizes of £5000, £2500, £1250 to the winning teams or individuals!

This project is a memorial to Lord Harry Renwick, the technology impact pioneer, and is made possible through a donation by the John Ryder Memorial Trust and support from the Digital Policy Alliance.


The 0-X Launch Event, introducing the competition with a panel of speakers including: Dr Jan Dauman, Dr Louise Bennett, Victoria Baines, Lady Renwick and Dr Julian Huppert.

0-X Launch Event | 21 November 2022

On 21 November 2022 Imperial's Data Science Institute in collaboration with the Business School, Dyson School of Engineering and Imperial I-X, launched the 0-X Contest - 'Zeroing out the Negative Externalities of the modern digital world.'

Introduction and Chair: Dr Mark Kennedy - DSI Co-Director

Speaker: Dr Julian Huppert - Director, Intellectual Forum at Jesus College Cambridge and Former Lib Dem MP for Cambridgeshire

Panelists: Prof Victoria Baines – IT Livery Company Professor of Information Technology, Gresham College, Dr Louise Bennett – Director, Digital Policy Alliance Co-Chair, Privacy and Consumer Advisory Group to the Cabinet Office, DCMS, Prof Rafael Calvo – Dyson School of Design Engineering Imperial College London, Dr Julian Huppert – Director, Intellectual Forum at Jesus College Cambridge and Former Lib Dem MP for Cambridgeshire, Dr Jan Dauman – Co-founder/CEO of InterMatrix and Parter at CET Capital Partners, Prof Francisco Veloso – Dean, Imperial College Business School and Lady Homayoun Renwick.

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