Data Science Institute in the News






With the spread of awareness about the importance of big data and deep learning in all industries (such as medical, financial, etc), the Data Science Institute and our Data Observatory, we are often mentioned in the media and news articles conerning big data. Shown below are some of our latest articles:

15th November 2016





An article posted by Science and Engineering Southabout our research tool for visualising vast amounts of data- discovering the KPMG Observatory. Read the article here.


October 24, 2016 

INRIA & the Data Science Institute at Imperial

September 27, 2016

deepCheck out the Data Science Institute featured in The Guardian news article about the importance of big data and deep learning.

Click here to read the article.

September 12, 2016




BBC Panorama film an experiment designed to reveal how the brain of a person addicted to gambling differs from that of others, featuring the Data Observatory here at the DSI. 

Click here to watch from the BBC website.