Launched on December 14th, the Behaviour Analytics Labn is a focal point for cross College research in predicting human and biological behaviour.  Directed by Dr. Aldo Faisal, the labs focus is on the analysis of human behaviour using data-driven analysis and prediction, including the development of methods & algorithms to move from Big Data to Big Knowledge. 

The keys goals are:

1. Understand and predict human behaviour from ubiquitous sensors & digital data

2. Predict and evaluate human performance

3. Infer internal or cognitive state (stress, risk) of individuals from behavioural dynamics

4. Develop behavioural biomarkers of physiological and psychological well-being.

5. Bottom-up analysis of group and social dynamics from the decisions of individuals.

The Behaviour Analytics Lab will be a particular focal point for developing innovative technology to give new insights into biological and behavioural variability and how the human brain works, bringing together academics from across all the faculties in Imperial College including the Departments of Computing, Bioengineering, Medicine, Neuroscience, and Electrical Engineering.


Application Areas

  1. Business (ie. Team Work)
  2. Society (ie. group dynamics in public settings)
  3. Well-being/health care (Behavioural biomarkers, diagnostics, monitoring, rehabilitation.