An Introduction to the Data Assimilation Lab

DA representationThe data assimilation (DA) laboratory will promote and lead scientific advances and technological innovations through data assimilation, sensitivity/uncertainty/error analysis, design optimization and control, and computational modelling, simulation and visualisation methodologies. Our vision is to provide leadership, in the UK and beyond, in data assimilation as a strategic resource for scientific education, research and inquiry.


Chris Pain  Head, Professor Chris Pain

Research Aims

Our aim is to bring to bear recent developments in data assimilation into advanced models and apply these to science and engineering. The data assimilation techniques developed in the DA laboratory will be used to combine observation measurements with different models in Engineering.

A few application areas include:

  • Ocean and flooding;
  • Atmosphere;
  • Urban and indoor flows;
  • Oil reservoirs; 
  • Vehicle design;
  • Industrial processes;
  • Medical.

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Initial Planned Activities

During the first 6 months (November 2015 - April 2016), the Data Assimilation Lab will engage in the following activties:

  • Launch meeting;
  • First laboratory management board meeting;
  • Organise one-day workshop – inviting experts to give talks;
  • Organise the first advisory committee meeting;
  • Set up a stakeholder group.

Get Involved

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