data matrix

We will introduce the following core research themes:

(1)       CFD/Solid-Mechanics/Radiation codes for science and engineering;

(2)       Optimized accuracy of models;

(3)       Data assimilation techniques;

(4)       Uncertainty analysis;

(5)       Rapid responding models;

(6)       Data collection optimization;

(7)       Design optimization;

(8)       Control/management;

(9)       High performance computing.

 Our aim is to bring to bear recent developments in data assimilation into advanced models and apply these to science and engineering. The data assimilation techniques developed in the DA laboratory will be used to combine observation measurements with different models in Engineering.

A few application areas include:

  • Ocean and flooding;
  • Atmosphere;
  • Urban and indoor flows;
  • Oil reservoirs; 
  • Vehicle design;
  • Industrial processes;
  • Medical.