Visualization Team

The rise of Big Data has provided researchers and industry with new opportunities to discover insight. One key tool for exploring and communicating data is data visualisation. While with the rise of tools such as Hadoop and Spark has enabled data processing to scaled to support the big data revolution data visualisation has not undergone a similar revolution. It is the goal of the Data Science Institute’s Visualisation team to visualise the Big Data revolution.

To enable visualisation to scale to support the Big Data revolution we designed and built the KPMG Data Observatory, an immersive data visualisation environment. The facility provides a social interdisciplinary environment which:
1) Enables researchers to make sense of Big Data
2) Supports quantitative decision making
3) Allows research into how decisions are made

Within the Visualisation Team we conduct three key types of research:
1) Tools and techniques to support the scalability of data visualisation to Big Data 
2) Explorative data-dense visualisation for exploring Big Data 
3) Presentation of research results 

We are very keen to collaborate with researchers and industry on all areas of our research and are always excited by data science problems where visualisation could help. Please do get in touch with to explore opportunities.

Foundation of Data Science: Visualizing Data 

newsVisualisation is a critical part of the data science for two reasons. Firstly, the human visual system excels at pattern recognition and we are best able to make sense of big data sources through the visualisation of data and subsequent analytics. Secondly, once insight has been gained from data visualisation, visual representations of data as well as analysis results are typically the most effective means of communicating results.

The Institute has built a Global Data Observatory in partnership with KPMG. This consists of a visualisation studio allowing teams of researchers and analysts to collaborate in the exploration of data and the derivation of actionable insight in real time with a cutting edge visualisation environment.