Machine Learning and Data Assimilation for Dynamical Systems is our flagship data learning workshop.
Here you can access the content of the most recent edition, MLDADS 2021. 

Why the MLDADS workshop

The theory of dynamical systems (DS) addresses the qualitative behaviour of dynamical systems as understood from models. Models are imperfect but can be improved using data and tools from the field of data assimilation (DA).
Machine learning (ML) develops algorithms to accomplish certain tasks, and improve their performance with the input of more data.
The intersection of the fields of dynamical systems, data assimilation and machine learning 
is still largely unexplored. The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers from these fields, share knowledge and expertise, and fill the gap between these theories.

In this short video Dr Rossella Arcucci presents the vision behind this workshop.

MLDADS 2021 Welcome from Dr Arcucci

MLDADS 2021 - Welcome message from Dr Arcucci











Here below you can find the 18 shortlisted talks for the 2021 edition. You can access both the abstract and the video recording, as delivered by our speakers.
You can also watch the videos directly on the Data Learning You Tube channel.