Fluorescent image of mouse brain

Expression of dementia-related protein in the mouse brain. Credit: Brancaccio lab

Technique: Data Collection and Analysis for Circadian Biology
Manufacturer: Custom built

The custom-built UK DRI equipment for the monitoring of behavioural circadian function in naturalistic, non-invasive conditions includes four dedicated light-tight cabinets for wireless non-invasive detection of rest/activity cycles in freely behaving mice (wheel running and IR beam splitting) in controlled light conditions. Dedicated stereotaxic neurosurgery stations to deliver cell-type specific viral gene therapy in deep brain areas with high precision, and evaluation of behaviourally relevant alterations of circadian patterns of rest-activity cycles.

In addition, two custom-made state-of-the-art multistage LV200 Olympus microscopes and a Sartorius Incucyte imager enable long-term high throughput circadian imaging experiments in hiPSCs and brain tissues