UK DRI and ARUK Network Dementia Symposium

Annual Dementia Symposium

Wednesday, 16 December 2020, 09.30 – 17.30

ARUK Network


9.30     Welcome – Prof Robert Perneczky and Dr Magdalena Sastre
Imperial College London

9.45     Welcome – Honor Pollard
Alzheimer’s Research UK

10:00   Invited speaker – Prof Karen Duff
(Director, UK DRI at UCL/ Columbia University Medical Center)
Pathogenic Mechanisms in the Tauopathies


Basic neuroscience research.

Chair: Dr Marco Brancaccio (Department of Brain Sciences, UK DRI at Imperial)

10.35 Maria Tortora (MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences)
New in vivo models of human axon degeneration in neurodegenerative diseases

10.50. Dr Berta Anuncibay-Soto (Department of Brain Sciences, UK DRI at Imperial)
Unravelling the link between sleep disturbances and dementia

11.05 Nicola Davis (Department of Brain Sciences, Neuroscience)
Exploring the role of astrocytes in an ex vivo model of Alzheimer’s disease

Clinical research.

Chair: Dr Paul Edison (Department of Brain Sciences)

11.20 Dr Adam Hampshire (Department of Brain Sciences, C3NL)
Insights into the cognitive impact of Covid-19 from the Great British Intelligence Test

11.35 Anna Fitzgerald (Department of Brain Sciences, Neurology)
High prevalence of lifetime depressive symptoms in patients referred for clinical amyloid-PET: a retrospective study

11.50 Invited speaker - Prof Henrik Zetterberg
Update on blood biomarkers for Alzheimer's disease



Chair: Prof Steve Gentleman
(Department of Brain Sciences)

13.30. Prof Paul Matthews (Director, UK DRI at Imperial and Head, Department of Brain Sciences)

13.45. Dr Sarah Marzi (Department of Brain Sciences, Edmond and Lily Safra Research Fellow, UK DRI at Imperial)
Dysregulation of histone acetylation highlights a critical role for microglia in AD.

14.00. Prof David Sharp (Department of Brain Sciences, Director, UK DRI Care Research & Technology Centre)

14.15 Dr Ravi Vaidyanathan (Department of Michanical Engineering, UK DRI Care Research & Technology Centre)
Robotics for Engagement and Support of Dementia Patients


Chair: Prof Robert Perneczky
(School of Public Health) 

1. Ann Go (Bioengineering)
2. Shivani Patel (Brain Sciences, Neuroscience)
3. Dr Christoforos Hadjichrysanthou (School of Public Health)
4. Dr Mara Golemme (Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust)
5. Dr Chi Udeh-Momoh (School of Public Health)
6. Fangda Leng (Brain Sciences, Neurology)
7. Dr Nurun Fancy (Brain sciences, UK DRI at Imperial)
8. Jiabin Tang (Brain Sciences, UK DRI at Imperial) 


Chair:  Dr Magdalena Sastre
(Department of Brain Sciences)

15.30. Invited speaker – Prof Costantino Iadecola (Weill Cornell Medicine):
Neurovascular threats to cognitive health: from bench to bedside

16.15. Invited speaker – Dr Cynthia Lemere (Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard)
Anti-Amyloid Immunotherapy for AD:  A “Focus” on Pyroglutamate-3 Aβ                                 

17.00 Closing remarks - Prof Robert Perneczky