‘Imaging and Data Visualisation’

2nd Imperial College–LKC Medicine joint workshop

25th May 2021

Workshop Organisers

Paul MatthewsProfessor Paul Matthews
Imperial College London

George augustineProfessor George Augustine


Victoria LeongDr Victoria Leong

Dyadic-EEG of parent-infant social interactions and learning


Shlomi HaarDr Shlomi Haar
Imperial College London

Mobile brain and body imaging in health and disease


Thomas KnopfelProfessor Thomas Knopfel
Imperial College London

Imagine cortical circuit dynamics using genetically encoded fluorescent indicators

Dr Hiroshi MakinoHiroshi Makino

Learning in intelligence systems

Short talks by Early Career Research representatives from LKCMedicine and Imperial College London

Nefoler SyedDr Nelofer Syed
Imperial College London

Metabolic therapies for Glioblastoma


Chng Toh HeanDr Ch'ng Toh Hean

Nuclear signaling dysfunction in Alzheimer's Disease


Ryo KitadaDr Ryo Kitada

Functional relevance of the lateral occipito-temporal cortex in body recognition


Lucia LiDr Lucia Li
Imperial College London

Multimodel MRI: combining non-invasive brain stimulation and MRI