The 4th Imperial and LKCMedicine workshop will take place on 22nd February 2022 and will focus on a theme of mental health. This workshop will showcase research at Imperial and LKC spanning on mental health-related problems and the associated technologies. Topics of discussion will include addiction, anxiety, psychosis and dementia-related psychosis.

Event organisers

Dr Raffaella Nativio

Dr Mike Morten


David ErritzoeDr David Erritzoe
Imperial College London

Using PET and MRI to study addiction


Mythily SubramaniamProfessor Mythily Subramaniam
LKC Medicine

Epidemiology of Psychosis, Dementia


Martina Di SimplicioDr Martina Di Simplicio
Imperial College London

Using experimental medicine and cognitive phenotypic approaches to study mood instability


Suresh JesuthasanProfessor Suresh Jesuthasan

Brain State and Behaviour - response to fear/anxiety

Dasha NichollsDr Dasha Nicholls
Imperial College London

Studying feeding and eating disorders in young people


Jimmy LeeDr Jimmy Lee

Multi-modal phenomics approach to severe mental illness


Mike CrawfordProfessor Mike Crawford
Imperial College London

Studying psychosocial intervention for people with psychosis


Loraine Tudor CarProfessor Loraine Tudor Car

Digital health applied to mental health and wellbeing