A first mixer event bringing together researchers from across The MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences (LMS) and The Institute of Clinical Sciences (ICS) with the UK Dementia Research Institute (UK DRI) Centre at Imperial and the Department of Brain Sciences.

Following an introduction from Professor Petra Hajkova and our Centre Director Professor Paul Matthews, we heard a series of talks throughout the afternoon showcasing some of the most exciting current research at the institutes. 



Dr Raffaella NativioDr Raffaella Nativio (UK DRI)

'Epigenetic Pathways in Healthy Aging and Neurodegeneration'

 View Dr Nativio's profile on the UK DRI website

Dr Mikhael SpivakovDr Mikhail Spivakov (LMS)

'The regulatory logic and variation of gene enhancers'

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Dr Alexi NottDr Alexi Nott (UK DRI)

'Brain cell-type regulatory landscapes and associations with disease'

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Dr Andre BrownDr Andre Brown (LMS)

'Large scale computational ethology: disease models and phenotypic screens'

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Dr Swathi SudhakarDr Swathi Sudhakar (LMS)

'How condensing compacts chromatinised DNA'

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Dr Sarah Marzi

Dr Sarah Marzi (UK DRI)

'Cell-type specific epigenetic regulation in Alzheimer's disease'

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Dr Vicki Metzis

Dr Vicki Metzis (ICS)

'Regional identity in the nervous system'

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Dr Simone Di Giovanni

Professor Simone Di Giovanni (Brain Sciences)

'Regenerative signalling after axonal injuries'

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Event organisers

Dr Alexi Nott
E: a.nott@imperial.ac.uk

Prof Juanma Vaquerizas
E: j.vaquerizas@lms.mrc.ac.uk

Dr Vicki Metzis
E: v.metzis@lms.mrc.ac.uk