A One-Day UK DRI Workshop


Friday 10 November 2023
The Stadium Room, Scale Space, White City, 58 Wood Lane, London W12 7RZ

Plenary Talk: Professor Albert Hofman - Professor of Public Health and Clinical Epidemiology and Chair of the Department of Epidemiology, Harvard Chan School of Public Health

This one-day workshop intends to bring together expertise in molecular and genetic epidemiology and electronic health record research and large-scale epidemiological studies to study causal risk factors, risk stratification opportunities, and drug target identification and drug repurposing opportunities for Alzheimer disease and dementias.   

The workshop will explore topics such as causal inference, molecular approaches, and the utilization of big data. It includes a plenary talk by Professor Albert Hofman (Harvard University) and keynote presentations by Professors Ole Andreasen (University of Oslo), Neil Davies (University College London), Arfan Ikram (Erasmus University Medical Centre), Sudha Seshadri (UT Health San Antonio), Monique Breteler (DZNE).

There will also be talks from UK DRI researchers.
There will be an opportunity to present your poster at the workshop. Please submit abstracts to ukdri@imperial.ac.uk by 17:00, 27th October.
Professor Abbas Dehghan and Professor Ioanna Tzoulaki
School of Public Health, Imperial College London

Event Programme

Event Programme

Registration and refreshments @ Foyer Scale Space

Introductions – Prof Abbas Dehghan (Imperial College London)

9:40 – 10:30
Plenary talk – Prof Albert Hofman (Harvard Chan School of Public Health), Title: “Why are epidemiologists so bad at epidemics? The case of Alzheimer's disease.” 

10:30 – 12:30
MORNING SESSION Multimorbidity, Aging and Dementia
Chair: Prof Paul Elliott

  • Keynote: Prof Monique Breteler (German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases), Title: “Population research into healthy and unhealthy brain aging” 
  • Keynote: Prof Sudha Seshadri (UT Helth San Antonio), Title “Aging, Resilience, Multimorbidity and Dementia in the Oldest-Old”
  • UK DRI talk Prof Ioanna Tzoulaki, Title “Shared genetic architecture between Alzheimer Disease and Cardiovascular Diseases”
  • Group Discussion

Lunch Break and Posters @ Foyer Scale Space 

AFTERNOON SESSION 1 Causal Inference for Dementia Research
Chair: Prof Abbas Deghgan

  • Keynote: Prof Neil Davies (University College London), Title: “The causes of Alzheimer’s disease, Mendelian randomization: what do we know, and what next?”
  • UK DRI Investigator talk Dr Verena Zuber (Imperial College London), Title “Single cell Mendelian Randomisation on human brain disease and behaviour”
  • UK DRI Investigator talk Dr James Yarmolinsky (Imperial College London) “Genetically proxied drug target perturbation for dementia research”
  • Group Discussion

Tea Break @ Foyer Scale Space

AFTERNOON SESSION 2 Big Data for Dementia Research
Chair: Prof Ioanna Tzoulaki

  • Keynote: Prof Arfan Ikram (Erasmus University Medical Centre), Title: “What makes dementia research so difficult? A few methodological considerations”
  • Keynote: Prof Ole Andreasen (University of Oslo), Title: “Multimodal prediction of Alzheimer’s disease – opportunities in Nordic registry and biobank data”
  • UK DRI Investigator talk Prof Abbas Dehghan (Imperial College London) Title: “Integrating genomics and metabolomics to understand Alzheimer's Disease Pathways”
  • Discussion

Final remarks and closing, Prof Ioanna Tzoulaki

18:00 Reception Drinks @ Foyer Scale Space