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Maximising the impact of the department’s research activities

Mission statement

The role of the departmental research committee is to maximise the impact of the department’s research activities. The committee provides strategic oversight of research activities, ensuring an open, equitable and supportive research environment to support all staff and students in the department. It will link with other major research committees within Imperial College and associated NHS Trusts.

What we are doing

Research committee action plan

Research strategies

To monitor the department’s research strategy and its implementation plans, including oversight of the academic recruitment strategy and succession planning

Higher impact research

To ensure provision of support to staff and students to deliver high-quality, impactful research


To support the development of collaborative research within the department and in other departments at Imperial, including strategic funding plans

Career development

To oversee research career development amongst research faculty and staff, providing specific support not available elsewhere in the College

Grant support

To support staff in applying for internal and external funding


  • To provide input into the Faculty (of Medicine) Research Committee (FRC).
  • To provide a link between the department Senior Management Board (SMB) and the FRC
  • To support the department for the REF submission
  • To consider and act on recommendations from the Culture and Engagement committee

S&C awards

Seed award

The aim of the Seed Funding Award initiative is to support the initiation of novel, small-scale, exploratory ideas. The idea is to "plant a seed" that can eventually attract external funding. The scheme is open to Postdoc Fellows. We particularly encourage researchers at the start of their careers who want to develop ideas that are independent of their current research project or area of expertise.

These awards give researchers the opportunity to use innovative methods and carry out a broad range of activities, such as:

  • pilot and scoping studies
  • preliminary data gathering
  • proof-of-principle studies
  • planning sessions
  • collaborative network meetings

The Seed Funding Award’s indicative overall annual budget is up to a total of £30,000 and we expect to award approximately 5-6 projects. Please note, the seed funding should not duplicate funding that is otherwise available.

Download the application form
Status: Closed
Next deadline: TBC

Travel award

Travel awards are for Postdoc Fellows making visits to initiate or prepare proposals with national/international collaborators, visiting facilities or attending conferences relevant to their current research, as part of their professional development.

If attending a conference, applicants are expected to be presenting their current research as an invited presenter, as an oral presentation or a poster presentation.

Funding of up to £1,000 is limited to travel and subsistence costs and we expect to grant up to 10 awards.

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Status: Closed
Next deadline: TBC

Peer review for fellowships

The peer review committee for early career fellowship applications to provide feedback, set-up in 2021 to try to increase the chances of these applications being successful, will continue in 2022. Please see submission dates below.

We would like to encourage anyone submitting a post-doctoral fellowship application to consider the benefits of going through this review process prior to submitting externally. Ideally, applications should be submitted to this committee at an early stage for high-level review of the overall proposal and assessment of the suitability for the call; however, more developed proposals can also be submitted.

The 2022 review committee meetings are scheduled for:

  • February 24th 2022 – please submit application form by 14th February 2022 (Completed)
  • June 23rd 2022 – please submit application form by 9th June 2022
  • October 20th 2022 – please submit application form by 6th October 2022

If you have an application you would like to be reviewed at any of these meetings, please submit a SC Fellowship Peer Review Form to Rita Carvalho. The committee will aim to provide feedback to the applicant within 1 week after the meeting.

Below are the indicative peer review meeting dates for each call deadline (by month), e.g. for a call with a deadline in Apr-22, the application form should be submitted for the Feb-22 peer review meeting. For a call with a Sep-22 deadline, two peer review meeting options are given. We would always recommend submitting as early as possible.

Preparing an application

Committee membership

Committee Members




Prof Anthony Gordon

Co-Chair, APMIC

Prof Amanda Cross

Co-Chair, Surgery

Dr Olga Kostopoulou

Reader in Medical Decision Making, IGHI/Surgery

Prof Simak Ali

Professor of Molecular Endocrine Oncology, Cancer

Dr Colin Bicknell

Clinical Reader in Vascular Surgery, Vascular

Dr Kieran O’Dea

Senior Lecturer in Translational Critical Care, APMIC

Dr Laura Kenny

Clinical Senior Lecturer in Medical Oncology, Cancer

Dr Brijesh Patel

Clinical Senior Lecturer in Cardiothoracic, APMIC

Prof Mary Wells

Lead Nurse for Research at Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust

Prof Caroline Alexander

Lead Clinical Academic for Therapies & Adjunct Reader, MSK

Prof Christina Fotopoulou

Chair Gynaecological Cancer Surgery, Cancer

Dr Jamie Meredith

Director of Operations, CRUK Convergence Science Centre

Dr Sarah Spear

Research Associate, Cancer

Dr Martine Nurek

Research Associate, IGHI/Surgery

Katerina-Vanessa Savva

PhD student

Nayana Iyer

PhD student

Ms Elsa Paul

Culture and Engagement Committee representative, S&C

Dr Rita Carvalho

Research Manager, S&C