The Departmental will be running regular online webinars and Q&A's for our staff to maintain collaboration, support and communication during these difficult times, which will be held once a week on a Tuesday at 4 pm. Please use this page to find out about upcoming events and the links to join them. The order and speakers may change depending on circumstance. 

Upcoming events


Sharing best practice in Education: Digital Tools to Foster Student Engagement in Remote Learning - Tuesday 11th August, 4pm

S&C's new e-learning technologist, Sam Kennedy, will be providing a look at some of the approaches you can use to facilitate more engaging live and asynchronous learning experiences. 

Use this link to join the event on the day.

Previous events and recordings

 Research webinar, Tuesday 4th August, 4pm

This event will include a presentation from:

  • Mr James Kinross: “Real-time translational research during COVID-19: The Pansurg Hololens PPE project”

Research webinar - Tuesday 21st July, 4pm

This event will include presentations from:

  • Ying Tan (PhD): Circulating microvesicles as mediators of acute pulmonary vascular inflammation
  • Daniel Leff (Reader in Breast Surgery): Progress towards the development of an intelligent knife for breast conserving surgery

Translational Research Facilities at Imperial - Tuesday 14th July, 4pm
This S&C Webinar will feature talks on infrastructure at Imperial to help Cancer researchers with their translational projects.

This event will include presentations from:

1.     Georgios Nteliopoulos – The Circulating Biomarker Laboratory

2.     Kelly Gleason – How can Public and Patient engagement help with your research?

3.     Mark Gurden – The CRUK Imperial Centre: facilitating cancer research at Imperial

Watch a recording of the event.

Research webinar - Tuesday 7th July, 4pm

This event will include presentations from:

  • Rhodri Handslip (PhD, APMIC) - Programmed cell death in ARDS: Early insights from COVID-19
  • Professor Justin Cobb (Chair in Orthopaedic Surgery, MSk Lab) - tbc

How do I get funded?

You can watch the event recording here

Jamie Meredith: Grants 

Jamie is currently Operations Director for the CRUK Convergence Science Centre and was previously Head of Operations CRUK Major Centre. Before that held a number of senior roles at CRUK and is perfectly placed to talk about what funders look for in grants applications. 

Prof Tony Gordon: Fellowships

Tony has a long track record in ICU and Sepsis trials. He previously obtained a Clinician Scientist Fellowship award from the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and is currently an NIHR Research Professor investigating Precision Medicine in Sepsis. 

You can watch the event recording here

Research webinar - Tuesday 23 June, 4pm
This event will include presentations from PhD students:
  1. Lana Kovacevic - 'Impact of organisational models in general practice on patient safety and the associated costs'
  2. Sarah Bowden - 'Genetic determinants of cervical cancer: A Genome-wide association study of pre-invasive and invasive disease in the UK Biobank'
  3. Colin Bicknell 

What's it been like for you working at home? - Tuesday 16 June, 4pm

Peter Buckle, Principal Research Fellow in Human Factors, Department of Surgery & Cancer, will be leading this interactive session with some helpful insights around the Human factors of working from home. 

Research webinar - Tuesday 9 June, 4pm
This event will include presentations from PhD students from across S&C's three Divisions:
  1. Sam Mason (Division of Surgery) - ‘Lipid metabolism of colorectal neoplasia using Rapid Evaporative Ionisation Mass Spectrometry (REIMS)’
  2. Van Nguyen (Division of Cancer) - ‘Targeting transcription as a therapeutic strategy in breast cancer’
  3. Joshua Cuddihy (Division of APMIC) - ‘Metabolomics of burn tissues’
There will be an opportunity to ask questions following the presentations.

Grant application process and Principles for costing a project - Tuesday 2 June, 4pm

You can watch a recording of this event here

This event aims to share and elucidate the Departmental and JRO process for grant applications, and share the costing principles for costing a project. A representative from the Faculty of Medicine will also be joining to share how we can make use of application data to support academics, and inform other processes.  

In detail, the event will cover:

  • Process for Funding Applications, including:

            - Application submission – process for Departmental and JRO approval
            - Letter of support – process for signature by HoD

  • Principles for costing a project
  • Application data – support and processes  


  • Julie Williams, Grants Manager, JRO, Faculty of Medicine
  • Rita Carvalho, Research Manager, Department of Surgery & Cancer
  • Jaxom Champion, Departmental Research Data Manager, Faculty of Medicine

You can watch a recording of this event here

Download the slides

RESEARCH: COVID19 activities in the Institute for Global Health Innovation - Tuesday 26 May, 4pm
  • Professor the Lord Darzi of Denham OM KBE PC FRS - COVID activities in the Institute of Global Health Innovation 
  • Professor George Hanna - Departmental update. 

Sharing best practice in Education: Blended learning and the online transformation - Tuesday 19 May, 4pm

This first Sharing best practice in Education webinar was focussed on Blended learning and the online transformation in light of the dramatic changes happening now on our courses, and the challenges anticipated for the next academic year. The speakers shared their experience in developing innovative delivery in their courses and discussed their future plans.

  • Anabel Varela-Carver (Department of Surgery & Cancer): Keeping students engaged – experience from undergraduate teaching in the flipped classroom (download the slides)
  • Tim Ebbels & Liz Want (Department of Metabolism, Digestion & Reproduction)Teaching postgraduates grant writing – using peer-to-peer collaboration (download the slides)
  • Panel Discussion (chair Hector Keun): What does the future of teaching in the Faculty look like in October?

You can watch a recording of this event here

Mental and Physical Wellbeing during COVID-19 - Tuesday 5 May, 4 pm

COVID-19 has impacted everyone's lives and, as such, it is more important than ever that we consider the ways we can protect our mental health and physical wellbeing. This event provided tips and advice for remaining mentally and physically healthy, signposting the resources and support available to you, and helping to build a strong and supportive community within the Department and Faculty.

Use the links below to watch recordings from this event.

Mental Health during COVID-19

  • Claire Fox (College Student Counselling & Mental Health Advisory Service)

Physical Wellbeing during COVID-19

  • Leisha Wegg (Active Lifestyles Manager) and Gary McDermont (Active Lifestyles Supervisor)
You may also find this recording of a talk from PanSurg informative: Morale and wellbeing in the Healthcare Workforce

All staff session - Tuesday 7 April, 4pm

As the COVID 19 crisis progresses, Department management wanted the opportunity for an open and honest dialogue about the impact the situation is having on the Department.  

The Head of Department, Prof George Hanna, Department Manager, Elsa Paul, and the Education Manager, Alison Cambreywill be hosting an online community webinar to answer some of your questions regarding COVID 19, the College’s response and the effects on the Department.  

Watch a recording of the event

RESEARCH: Do you want to collaborate? - Tuesday 28 April, 4 pm

This event aims to explore new research ideas in the department and to identify potential collaborators. Presenters will deliver 5 minute pitches:

  • Sarah Onida - “Impact of COVID-19 on vascular surgery”  
  • Safa Salim - “VTE prophylaxis in COVID-19 patients” 
  • Mike Wilson - tbc
  • Charlotte Bevan - "Towards repurposing cancer drugs for COVID-19" 

RESEARCH: New research studies in Surgery & Cancer - Tuesday 12 May, 4pm

This event aims to explore new research ideas in the department and to identify potential collaborators. Presenters will deliver 5-15 minute pitches on their research and answer questions.