Academic Promotion

Department of Surgery and Cancer Academic Promotions 2023

All proposals in the Department (whether by departmental recommendation or self-application) will be considered by the following panels:

Promotion to Professor; Professor of Education; Professor of Practice:

Head of Department (Chair), Heads of Divisions (or nominees), Director of Education Strategy and Quality, and the Departmental Professors who are available on the date of the Departmental Review Panel.

Promotion to Senior Lecturer and Reader:

Head of Department (Chair), Heads of Divisions (or nominees), Director of Education Strategy and Quality and the Departmental Professors who are available on the date of the Departmental Review Panel, one Reader and one Senior Lecturer.


In advance of the Departmental Review Panel meeting, all Heads of Division will receive a list of staff eligible to apply for promotion for their review.  

 At the Department Review Panel all applications are reviewed; Heads of Divisions (or sometimes an alternative Academic supporter) presents their divisional candidate’s application to the panel, highlighting the achievements and promotion potential to enable the panel to make a decision, as to whether the application will be departmentally supported.

The Departmental Review panel provides each supported candidate with names of two supporters to provide guidance and advice to candidates regarding their promotion and to be responsible for advising the Head of Department on the selection of Departmental referees.

Outline Dates for 2023

27th June 2022  - Eligible staff lists sent to Head of Divisions for review.

2nd September 2022  - Early Notification sent out to the Department to eligible staff.

8th September 2022 – Formal Memorandum (email) from the Head of Department sent to all eligible Academic, Level C/D Research and eligible staff (applying for Reader or Professor of Education) on the Learning & Teaching Family. Details of the Academic Promotions procedure and timetable, including relevant attachments and links for further information.

9th October 2022 – Deadline for submission of DRAFT Application Form including publications list to Karen Pontifex ( Applications will not be accepted after this date.

10th October 2022  – Applications are forwarded to the Department Panel for review

3rd November 2022 – Department Review Panel

Staff who have applied will be notified as soon as possible after this date as to whether their application is supported/unsupported by the Panel.

2nd December 2022 (by noon) – Final applications to be submitted to Karen Pontifex 

Department will ask the Heads of Divisions/supporters to prepare the HoD Citation, Education Citation and arrange for a Clinical Citation.

6th December 2022 (by noon) – Department submits all applications submitted to the Faculty Promotions Panel attended by the Head of Department.

15th December 2022 – Faculty Promotions Panel 

Department will be notified of Faculty Promotions Panel decisions and Department will notify applicants soon after. 

23rd December 2022 – Candidates to submit FINAL Application form to Karen Pontifex (

  •  FINAL version of the application form (electronic version)

23rd December 2022 – Heads of Divisions or supporters to submit to Karen Pontifex (

  • FINAL version of the Department form (referees for each candidate)
  • FINAL version of the HoD Citations for Head of Department to review
  • FINAL version of the Education Citation for the Director of Education to review
  • Clinical Statement of Support from a Senior NHS Representative (for the Clinical applicants)

13th January 2023 (by noon) – Department to submit Application Form; Department Form; HoD Citation; Education Citation; Clinical Statement of Support for clinician Applicants to be submitted to College HR to (

27 January 2023 – Candidates to submit to Karen Pontifex (

  • Summary teaching evaluation reports/questionnaires (SOLE) - provide the summary evaluation pages not the detailed report if more than 5 pages per report for the last two years.
  • Four selected publications in electronic format – These will be recent publications which have had the greatest impact since the previous promotion or since appointment at the College, and that show what has been achieved in the interim.  Publications prior to appointment at the College or used to support a previous application for successful promotion will not be considered.
  • A summary of the importance and originality of the selected publications – a brief paragraph for each selected publication on one-page.

3rd February 2023 – Department to submit teaching Evaluation reports ; four selected publications and summary to College HR to (

February - April 2023 – College HR will email all the named referees and may refer back to the Department regarding selection of referees.

March - April 2023 – College HR informs the Department of the dates for the candidate interviews; the Department will inform candidates and arrange observers.

May 2023 – Relevant candidates  (Faculty of Medicine) will be interviewed and accompanied by the HoD or nominated observer. 

Decisions – In consultation with the Faculty Deans and Heads of Department, applicants will be informed as soon as possible after a final decision has been made.

Please refer to the Academic Promotions webpages for all information relating to the process, forms and criteria, and ensure you are familiar with all the Appendices and Guidance Notes. 

Staff may wish to discuss the process informally with their Line Manager, Head of Division or Head of Department, who can provide informal guidance and advice. 

PTO Establishment Review

The PTO Establishment Review is the new process for how we review proposed changes to existing Professional, Technical and Operational roles and replaces the previous Job Level Review process.

Find out more

Pay Relativity and Equal Pay

The Faculty of Medicine will be undertaking a Pay Relativity and Equal Pay Exercise in 2018.

Recommendations for pay awards will be determined against one of the following criteria:

  • To address a significant misalignment of a member of staff’s salary when compared to others who have a similar role size and profile
  • To aid retention of staff, based on external benchmark data
  • To address equal pay differentials
  • To recognise substantial and sustained exceptional individual contribution beyond the expectations of excellent performance in the role
  • To recognise substantial and exception one-off individual contribution beyond the expectations of excellent performance in the role.

The review will encompass all staff in the Faculty of Medicine and, as the review will mainly address permanent growth in roles or academic profile, recommendations are expected to be in the form of consolidated pay rises, rather than one-off payments for those staff on fixed salaries.  Where the recommendation is for a time-limited exceptional contribution then a one-off payment may be utilised.

For staff on incremental pay scales (Levels A-C and 1-5), it is anticipated that recommendations for the award of one-off non-pensionable payments, rather than accelerated incremental progression, will be appropriate in the majority of cases unless the activity has resulted in a permanent increase in responsibility. For non-academic roles, where there has been a permanent and significant growth in level of responsibility, a job level review may be more appropriate.

In addition to benchmark data of average salaries per grade for the Faculty and College, equal pay data will also inform the review. 


Date – staff are informed directly by the Faculty of Medicine

Date – Head of Department sends out additional notification outlining the Departmental process

Date – Deadline date for applicants/line managers to submit a brief, but robust rationale (200 words) set against one of the criteria (above)

For non-academic roles, where there has been a permanent and significant growth in level of responsibility, a job level review may be more appropriate.  Information about the next Job Level Review can be found here (link to new JLR page), but please contact Karen Pontifex if you require further information.

Date – Departmental Review Panel meets consisting of the Head of Department, Head of Divisions, Chair of the People & Culture Committee and Departmental Manager.

Date – Department to submit recommendations to Faculty of Medicine for onward submission to the Faculty Review Panel consisting of the Dean of Faculty (Chair), Faculty Operations Officer and Head of Faculty HR Operations.  The Director of HR and the Provost will review and authorise the final submissions before implementation.

The Department will be notified of the outcomes as soon as possible thereafter likely early July, payment will be made in July 2018

Advice and Guidance


Formal Advice and Information (Human Resources): 

Informal Guidance and Advice (Department):



Personal Review and Development Plan (PRDP)

The College-wide PRDP process is a valuable tool for developing the performance of all staff members; your annual PRDP meeting with your line manager is a two-way conversation that focuses on the previous year’s work and achievements, as well as your objectives and plans for the coming year. It also includes the preparation of an individual development plan, and is a chance to provide feedback to and receive feedback from your line manager.

The stated aims of the PRDP scheme are to:

  • Recognise and praise your achievements;
  • Review your performance;
  • Receive constructive feedback to enhance future performance;
  • Plan and agree a future programme of work;
  • Assist you in developing your career;
  • Identify development needs and have your own Personal Development Plan.

Find out more about PRDP.