Research and Investigation

Has undertaken research into mechanisms of injury, effects and management of injury and investigations into surgical care

London 2012

Led on a programme of research into rowing practice in association with the GB rowing team which contributed to the team's success at the London 2012 Olympic Games

Olympic Games

Torch Runner for London 2012 Olympic Games

Alison McGregor is a Professor of Musculoskeletal Biodynamics where she manages the Human Performance Group:

1. How did you find yourself working in this area?

I combined a clinical background in Physiotherapy with a masters and doctorate in bioengineering which led me into work exploring human biomechanics and function. This lead to years of multidisciplinary and cross faculty research. My research still focuses on function but includes work on elite performance rehabilitation injury mechanisms and new technologies and innovations to support this.

2. What has been your greatest achievement so far in your career? And what would you still like to achieve?

Being ask to run with the Olympic Torch for college in 2012 was a high point but academically it was when I won a series of National and International prizes around a large clinical interventional study we conducted. Also watching athletes, we had trained and assisted with their biomechanics win Olympic medals was very rewarding.

In terms of achievements to come, my work with the centre for blast injuries is leading to the evolution of new rehab technologies I’d like to see these evolve and be part of routine management.

3. What do you feel is the most rewarding/enjoyable aspect of your career at Imperial? And what is the most challenging?

Seeing my students and staff grow and be successful.

Challenges come around managing people and their goals and expectations.

4. What are your views on mentorship? Have any colleagues helped you and what advice have you been given?

I am an active supporter of mentorship and have supported several mentees over the years and continue to do so.

I had and still have some fantastic mentors who steer me through the ups and downs. Often it’s just them listening and questioning that makes you realise you know the answer but their patience and wisdom is so useful

6. Who would you say is your role model?

I’m not sure I have a specific role model but my mentors each in their own different ways have created a path for me.

7. What advice would you give to someone coming into this field?

Get a mentor!! Seize opportunities and don’t be afraid of challenges or failures as you always learn something from them.

8. How do you balance the demands of the job with your time outside of work?

It’s never easy but it’s about using time wisely, it’s not the number of hours it’s the quality of those hours that counts.

9. What are your hobbies/interests?

Sport, travelling, photography and DIY

20. Three words to sum up your experience working within the Department of Surgery and Cancer?

Fantastic opportunities; Challenges; Supportive