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Professor Eric Lam 

+44 (0)20 7594 2810

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What we do

We are interested in the mechanisms and molecules responsible for cancer initiation, progression and drug resistance. The current research of the group is focusing on evaluating the role and regulation of forkhead transcription factors, in particular FOXO3a and FOXM1, in health and in cancer. 

Why it is important

Cancer is a leading cause of mortality worldwide. Major progresses have been made in treating cancer patients, but most cancers remain, at this moment in time, an incurable disease. Consequently, earlier recurrence diagnosis and better treatment options are desperately needed.

How it can benefit patients

Developing a thorough understanding of the regulation and function of these signalling molecules involved in cancer initiation and progression and drug resistance will improve the diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

Summary of current research

  • Role and regulation of the transcription factor FOXM1 in breast cancer
  • Role of FOXO3 and FOXM1 in Cholangiocarcinoma (CCA)
  • ER stress in breast cancer



PhD students

When we have funding for PhD studentships, we advertise them through central channels such as Find a PhD. Information is also available on the Surgery and Cancer study page. If no studentships are currently advertised, please get in touch with the group lead with proposed project titles to discuss further. 


  • We have placement students from a local school: The Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School

For patients


Professor Lam's group is the most recent Research Team of the Year (2014) for Breast Cancer Now (Campaign)

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