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Bariatrics short courses

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The Bariatric Stream, held at St Mary’s Campus Paddington, consists of two, week long Modules. The overall theme for both modules is surgical innovation, covering multiple topics in the following domains; epidemiology, management, service, technical, quality of care, and Medico-legal aspects of obesity management for safe practice in the UK and globally.  Teaching is delivered in lectures and practical workshops. The aim is to provide the knowledge and skills to assess and manage the overweight and obese patient (Obesity Medicine) and for students to gain a practical and theoretical understanding of the surgical treatment of morbid obesity (Bariatric Surgery).  

Obesity Medicine

The goal of this module is to provide students with the knowledge and skills to assess and manage people who are overweight and obese, including the increasing numbers who have surgical intervention.  Students will gain an insight into the broad range and role of medical interventions for obesity.

Bariatric Surgery

This module allows students to gain an understanding of the surgical treatment of morbid obesity, including early and late complications.

Stream Organisers: Mr Ahmed AhmedDr Mo Al-QaisiDr Harvinder Chahal
Location: St Mary's Campus
Module Dates:  
Obesity Medicine: 3 - 7 June 2019
Bariatric Surgery: 15 - 19 July 2019

Barriatrics is just one specialist stream offered in the Surgical Innovation MSc. Find out more about the Imperial College Surgical Innovation degrees and the other streams available.