“Engagement" describes the process of bringing multiple perspectives together, in order to increase understanding and connection, in a way that enriches the perspectives of all concerned. This 3.5 day short course moves beyond the traditional notions of "public engagement" to explore methods for discussing issues around policy, healthcare, research, trust and ethical practice, involving clinicians, scientists, patients, wider publics and society at large.    

By taking part in this short course you will be introduced to this fluid and rapidly evolving area of surgical education and healthcare.  You will gain experience of several engagement approaches with a broad range of participant groups and venues, and will consider how these may be designed, implemented and evaluated.  Invited speakers will include opinion-leaders in this rapidly emerging field, and an emphasis on practicality and hands-on exploration will make the course directly relevant to participants from a wide range of backgrounds.  Sessions will explore these concepts through broadcasting, podcasting, panel discussion, audience participation and simulation-based approaches, as well as the printed word and comic-book art.  The course is led by colleagues, Dr. Laura Coates and Professor Roger Kneebone, and draws on well-recognized work in engagement science and simulation innovation. 

If taken as an assessed module, participants will produce a plan for an engagement event within their own area of interest, justified by educational principles and evidence.  

By participating in our short courses you will also gain access to: 

  • Interactive approaches to teaching with experienced academic tutors, high-level external speakers, and workshops focused on developing focused areas of educational practice
  • A small-group learning environment where you can actively participate and share perspectives with others who have a keen interest in education and professional experience to draw upon.  This includes clinical peers such as our Diploma-Master’s students who are engaging at significant depth with clinical education through our wider programme. 

How to apply and register

This course is likely to be offered in 2020, during the week beginning 1 June. Applications will open in November 2019.