Module Leader

Dr Talya Porat
+44 (0)20 7594 7381

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the module, students should be able to:
  • Knowledge & understanding
    Demonstrate development in knowledge and understanding of business contexts and methods.
  • Skills
    Demonstrate the ability to synthesize design engineering knowledge, understanding and skills in an industrial context.
  • Attitudes
    Interact with key stakeholders to obtain input and communicate work in a professional setting.
    Reflect on short-term learning and identify areas of personal and professional development.


Description of Content

The Industry Placement modules aim to provide practical industry experience on a substantial project, or collection of related projects, lasting up to 6 months. Industry Placement 1 will run from April until June in the third year of study, directly followed by Industry Placement 2 from July until September in the fourth year of study for those students following the MEng programme.

Industry Placement 1 consists of two main phases:

1. Pre-Placement Preparation: Students will be responsible for securing their own placement, in any one of a wide variety of roles and areas related to design engineering across different sectors. This will involve the generation of a CV and portfolio and a number of job applications and interviews as needed to secure a placement.

2. On Placement Development: Students will be responsible for operating professionally within their company and monitoring their own personal and professional development. This will involve identifying their individual learning and planning for the development of a range of competencies as appropriate to their own skill set, job role, and aspirations.

Support is provided by the module team throughout the third year of the programme to help students in each of these phases. This includes lectures and tutorials on portfolio development, as well as workshops and events on industrial networking.

The students will have one placement supervisor nominated by the school and supported by the module team. They will also have one industrial supervisor or mentor, which may be different from their line manager, to support them during their work at the company.

All placements must be pre-approved by the school to ensure they are appropriate to the level of the programme, and to ensure they are within scope. A number of pre-approved placements will be advertised to students, and students are encouraged to seek their own opportunities beyond those on offer. 

The student will be assessed by the module team in partnership with theory placement supervisor through a combination of physical submissions such as reports, and presentations.