Anna Di Porzio


Anna obtained a Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology from University of Naples Federico II (Italy) in 2017. During her master thesis, she learned how to perform multi-component chemical reactions - from the set-up of the experimental protocol to the work-up of the reaction itself - and how to use chromatographic techniques such as HPLC, RPLC, TLC. In January 2018, she obtained a 10 months-fellowshipto study the field of non-canonical DNA secondary structures. During this period, she learned how to handle and purify synthetic DNA samples and how to use CD, UV, and NMR spectroscopies to characterize biophysical interactions between nucleic acids and potential anticancer drugs. In November 2018, she started a Ph.D. course in Pharmaceutical Science, during which she extended her research activity to metabolomics, performing NMR and GC-MS studies on food matrices, cells and tissues, and analyzing the data by means of chemometric tools. 

Anna us truly interested in exploring the Cellular Biology of non-canonical DNA secondary structures. In particular, I would like to focus on the perturbations and downstream outputs of the interaction between G-quadruplexes and potential drugs. Anna has joined Marco's group as a visiting PhD student and she will be working on investigating epigenetic roles that G-quadruplex structures formation might have in cellular context. 

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