Denise LianoDenise obtained a first class BSc in Biotechnology at University of Pavia (Italy) and successively moved to Trieste to learn more about genomics, epigenetics and transcriptomics. Denise received a first class MSc in Functional Genomics at University of Trieste (Italy) in 2017. During her Master she worked at the Elettra-Synchrotron Institute in Trieste where she learned how to express, purify and characterise the helicase Hrq1 from S. cerevisiae, a putative homolog of the human RecQ4. Following her MSc, Denise moved to Imperial College London to start a PhD student in the Di Antonio’s group. Her research now focuses on investigating how helicases mutation could contribute to abnormal accumulation of DNA G-quadruplex secondary structures during ageing and in premature ageing disorders, such as Cockayne syndrome. Denise is interested in understanding, at the molecular level, the dynamics of folding/unfolding of G-quadruplexes by helicases like CSB and how these interactions could contribute to the ageing phenotype.

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