Jenna Robinson

2017 Imperial Festival Evaluation ReportJenna
Jenna completed her BSc in Natural Sciences at Cambridge where she studied a range of courses including chemistry, molecular biology, evolution and behavioural sciences. She then moved to London to obtain her MSc in Chemical Research at UCL under the supervision of Professor Alethea Tabor. During her MSc Jenna explored the folding of a small protein found in tarantula venom being investigated as a potent painkiller. Jenna has now joined Imperial College as a ICB CDT student and her research will focus on the real-time imaging of G-quadruplexes DNA for correlative studies between their presence and transcriptional misregulation in cancer cells. Her multidisciplinary project is co-supervised by Prof. Ramon Vilar, Dr. Marina Kuimova and Prof. Bob Brown.

Jenna is generally interested in DNA chemistry and cancer research and hopes to continue to conduct original research in this field in the future.

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