The experimental classroom is designed for highly collaborative activities involving students, academics and staff. These might inclide innovative teaching sessions, workshops, seminars and demonstrations, or informal discussions and learning outside of formal meeting or teaching time.

It is an open classroom through which users of neighnouring spaces, members of College and visitors can walk through. Anyone accessing the experimental classroom will be responsible for keeping the space tidy and in order, returning all furniture and items to original format and before leaving.

When not booked, the classroom is an open space for DLH staff, academics or students who are very welcome to work in the space. 


Facilities and equipment 

  • All tables in the classroom can be flipped to create more space, easily moved and reconfigured, and have whiteboard surfaces for writing  on
  • All chairs can be easily stacked to create space, and easily moved around 
  • Each wall features whiteboard space to support group work, individual work, or to act as a focal point for meetings or workshops
  • There is one main presentation screen intended for presentations and screen sharing 
  • The room uses the Zoom platform to enable screen sharing and video calls for presentations or teaching sessions 
  • Hearing aid loop? 


The classroom can accommodate up to 52 users when all tables and chairs are in use, although depending on the configuration being used, this number might be smaller.


If you would like to discuss using the classroom, or find out about how the classroom has been used, you can contact Robyn Lowe on, or visit our case studies page for more information on uses.