As an innovation unit, the  Digital Learning Hub media team constantly explores and experiments with audio-visual media, both creatively and technically.

What do we offer? 

media picWe offer our collaborators - whether teachers, learners, or edtech staff - exciting and creative solutions that can be piloted, and then adopted more widely if proven successful. 

From small stand-alone projects to fully online degrees, the DLH’s Media Team creates content and deploys multiple, bespoke processes and tools to create truly engaging educational assets, helping teachers and learners engage with content in different ways. 

There is no need for prior experience or familiarity with mediums and formats when engaging with the DLH on creating media, as the processes we use embed coaching, consulting and supporting  from the outset.

Some of the support we can offer includes: 

  • Consultation
  • Delivering lectures or teaching sessions in the studio
  • Writing scripts for video
  • Co-creating animations
  • Building and training self-recording solutions
  • Coaching 

Why do we provide this support? 

Effective, engaging deployment of audio-visual media such as films, animations, podcasts or screencasts is about much more than just capturing of educational content. 

What is our approach?

I think that technically the videos are much better than what I made before and that contents wise they are also better tuned to improve student understanding. The support was first class."

Kristel Fobelets

Reader in Microelectronics Engineering

Our Digital Learning Designers and media specialists work collaboratively with subject matter experts to plan and deliver engaging, high-end films, animations, screencasts and podcasts.

Drawing on experienced film industry talent, the media team’s creative and technical capabilities are put to good use through its focus on learning outcomes and innovative use of formats and tools. 

Working closely with teaching staff who will deliver the programmes, and with digital learning designers, we are able to identify the most effective methodologies for achieving learning objectives, whilst enhancing the learner and teacher experiences. 

Our hybrid process combines analysis of both the pedagogy and media production. Rather than capturing or adapting existing lesson plans and teaching sessions, we help bring together evidence-based pedagogical practice and expertise in film and television to create learner-centred, world-class audio-visual content. To ensure this content is as effective as possible, we co-create and optimise these tools and processes alongside our academic partners. 

To understand more about the design process used by the Digital Learning Hub, you can ask us about our design process.

How do we deliver this? 

We have capability, resource and workflows which provide the space to both explore and deliver digital augmentation throughout a programme. This could be through working in one of our professional film studios,  filming on location, using a lightboard, working with actors, or producing short documentaries to really bring a subject to life.  

What can you expect as a result? 

Learners expect and deserve thought and craft to find innovative, engaging ways to encourage their own fuller engagement with subject matter. They also appreciate when learning is fun. You can get in contact to ask us for examples and more detail on how media is connected to digital learning through or contact us form.