When you first meet with an advisor s/he will undertake an assessment of your study needs, which will be based on your evidence of disability and include discussion with you. S/he will then write a short document which will include all the suggested adjustment recommended to support you in your studies. 

This can include:

  • study support with a specialist tutor for a specific learning difficulty
  • study support with a mental health mentor
  • suggested reasonable adjustments for your examinations
  • extra support in the Library, including extended library loans
  • access to our assistive technology suite
  • additional support within your department, in some circumstances, such as the help of a note taker or lab assistant
  • where necessary, arrange for sign language interpretation of lectures
  • If, due to your disability, you require access to specialist ergonomic equipment we will arrange an assessment and may purchase this for you.
  • If using public transport puts you at a substantial disadvantage that cannot be overcome by means of the provision of a parking permit or on campus accommodation, funds for the cost of a taxi can be considered.

Our advisors can also:

  • undertake a screening for indicators of a specific learning difficulty and/or autistic spectrum and arrange an appropriate diagnostic assessment.