Who we support

The Disability Advisory Service provides confidential advice and support for all disabled students. Lots of students may experience difficulties which they don't realise qualify for our support. We can provide advice for students with specific learning difficulties, enduring mental health and health conditions, Autistic Spectrum conditions, and sensory and physical impairments. We will also advise other students seeking support or assessment for undiagnosed difficulties.

We advise prospective as well as current students. We also provide information and guidance for staff within the College, as well as information for external disability practitioners.

Kinds of support the Disability Advisory Service can offer

The Disability Advisory Service can assist students in the following ways:

  • signposting additional support within the College
  • accessing funding for disability-related support
  • facilitating support to ensure that disabled students can access all aspects of their course
  • providing advice, support and guidance for all disabled students within in the College.

The needs of every student are different, and the kinds of support we can offer to students will depend on individual needs. An overview of the kinds of support we may be able to offer students can be found at the support at Imperial page. Not all these support options are appropriate to all disabled students and additional options will be available to those students with specific needs. The best way for students to find out about what support they can access is to make an appointment to see a Disability Advisor.

Who we are

Find out about the Disability Advisory Service team here.

Where do I go from here?

If you are a current Imperial College student, then start at our Current students page.

If you are in the process of applying to Imperial College, or are considering it as a possibility, then start at our Prospective students page.

How can I can contact the Disability Advisory Service?

Contact information for the Disability Advisory Service can be found at our contact page.