Studying at Imperial is rewarding but it can also be challenging! It’s natural to have concerns or questions about your academic performance and it’s important that you seek support from trusted individuals when these things come up.

I am concerned about my mental wellbeing

Many students prefer to raise this kind of issue with friends or family first, or perhaps your tutor or departmental disability officer. If you live in a hall of residence, you may wish to approach the hall warden.
Imperial has a range of specialist services designed to help students who are experiencing mental distress. We suggest that you check out the pages of the Student Counselling and Mental Health Advice Service. This includes resources to help with an emergency or a more urgent problem.  
The Student Counselling Service offers therapeutic sessions to help you discuss a wide range of personal issues that you feel unable to resolve on your own. This is a self-referral service, so you can ask for an appointment without approaching anyone else first.  
If you have more long-term difficulties or need support relating to an enduring mental health condition, we suggest that you make an appointment with a disability adviser. We can discuss what kind of support might be helpful to you. 

I am concerned about someone else

I have a serious concern about a student’s wellbeing or safety

There is guidance on what to do and who to contact if you are worried about someone else.  
You are also welcome to contact the Disability Advisory Service to discuss your concerns. 

What can Imperial tell me?

If you report a student concern to us, we will ensure that all appropriate steps are taken to support the person you are worried about. We can also give you advice about what you can do to support them. However, in line with current data protection legislation, we will not be able to share any further information with you about the person, even if you are their parent or guardian, unless they give us written permission to do so.