What does disclosing your disability to the College mean?

If you have a disability, specific learning difficulty or a health condition then we recommend that you disclose this to the College. Disclosing a disability to the College means that reasonable adjustments can be put in place to help reduce any barriers to study for students with additional support needs. It will also ensure that your specific individual needs are being met.

You may feel that your disability will not impact upon your studies at all, and therefore do not wish to disclose. If this changes at any point during your course, then you may disclose at any point during your time at Imperial College.

Disclosing a disability will not mean you are treated unfavourably. Some people have concerns about discrimination, or being rejected by people with pre-conceived notions about disability, or may feel that they are uncomfortable discussing their disability with people who may not fully understand. The Disability Advisory Service can discuss these concerns with you.

What happens to my information?

Information given to the Disability Advisory Service will never be shared with anyone who is not directly involved in your personal student experience, and will only be shared if you have signed a disclosure form when you met with a member of the Disability Advisory Service. This can include, for example: the Departmental Disability Officer in your department, the student accommodation office, or the Health Centre.

How will it affect my application?

You will not be treated unfavourably because you have disclosed a disability. The College may get in touch with you to find out if you require any reasonable adjustments putting in place prior to the start of your course. If you have any questions or concerns at all about the disclosure process, then please make an appointment with the Disability Advisory Service to discuss them.

How can I disclose my disability?

More information can be found at our Confidentiality and Disclosure pages.