What are Additional Examination Arrangements?

female students taking an examination at a computer terminalAdditional examination arrangements are adjustments that can be made to procedures to enable examinations to be made more accessible for students with disabilities or specific learning difficulties. Some examples of the types of adjustment that can commonly be made are: extra time, rest breaks, the use of a computer or assistive technology, a reader and/or amanuensis (scribe).

This is not an exhaustive list and not all of these options will be available to all students. Any additional arrangements are tailored to both the examination and the individual student’s need. It may be that two students with the same disability do not receive the same adjustments and this is because no two individuals’ needs are exactly alike.

How do I arrange Additional Exam Arrangements?

Additional examination arrangements must be applied for on your behalf by your Departmental Disability Officer. They can only be put in place if they are supported by evidence of need, either from your doctor (in the case of medical conditions) or your diagnostic assessor (specific learning difficulties). Applications need to be made at least six weeks prior to your first examination. You will need to contact your Departmental Disability Officer without delay to make sure that they have a copy of your evidence. If you would like the Disability Advisory Service to send copies of evidence to your Departmental Disablity Officer, please get in touch by email giving us permission to do so. As long as your needs do not change, only one application will need to be submitted, and this can remain in place for the duration of your course.

Additional exam arrangements are put in place by Registry following the request from your department. The Disability Advisory Service is not able to make the application on your behalf, but can support you in obtaining the appropriate evidence of your difficulties.

Further information regarding the types of evidence that are acceptable in order to support your application for additional exam arrangements can be found on our evidence page.

What happens if my application is successful?

You will be informed of the sucess of your application by your Departmental Disability Officer. If the application is turned down, this will usually be due to lack of evidence, or because more up-to-date evidence is required. However, if the additional examination arrangments panel do not feel the request is justifiable in terms of making a reasonable adjustment, the application can be refused. In this instance a student can make an appeal using the College’s formal appeals procedure.