You will be emailed your report giving full details of your difficulties, any diagnosis and recommendations for support.

Once you have received your report, you should book an appointment with a Disability Advisor to discuss the recommendations and implications contained in the report. To do this email the Disability Advisory Service.

If you arrange your own assessment report, you should ensure a copy of this is given to the Disability Advisory Service.

If a specific learning difficulty is identified at your assessment:

Your Disability Advisor will discuss all support options available, including:

  • Extra library loans.
  • Access to the assisitve technology room.
  • Applying for examination arrangements.
  • Access to specialist study support tutorials.

If a specific learning difficulty is not identified at your assessment:

If your assessor does not identify a specific learning difficulty, the report will still give you a great deal of information about your best way of learning. Your Disability Advisor will discuss the report with you and can suggest ways to improve your study efficiency in the light of its conclusions. Your Advisor may also be able to suggest other appropriate support such as accessing the inclusive technologies in the software hub or attending a deparmental drop-in session.